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have you been injured in a car crash or at work? did you know ligament injury (laxity) is a common cause of chronic pain and disability? this is often overlooked and must be diagnosed and treated properly.


utilizing a team approach, we offer quality, conservative treatment to manage your spine and extremity pain.  Dr. herrin collaborates with medical, diagnostic, and legal professionals to provide... 


core stability and various therapy techniques help to relieve pain and support the biomechanical spinal corrections. whether on-site or referred to a therapist, it is an important part of...

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Taking care of your health

Health Plans
We Accept

Our office is in-network with most major insurance companies.  We also accept workers' compensation and personal injury claims/attorney liens, with no out of pocket expense for the patient.  We are happy to offer affordable and convenient payment plans.  Please feel free to call us with any insurance questions you may have. 

Gentle, non-opioid relief of mechanical spine and extremity pain

After listening carefully during the health consultation, followed by a thorough examination and diagnostic testing as indicated, we will develop a plan catered to your specific needs. As a team, we will work together to assure comfortable, effective and appropriate treatment is applied and that you fully understand the process.

Spine Management

The new breed of highly trained doctors of chiropractic are the future of spine care. Focused on accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and evidence-based conservative treatment for mechanical spine pain, we apply a collaborative model of care working with other medical providers, as needed, and within the medical profession to best help those we care for each day. 

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