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Four reasons you need a trauma-trained chiropractor on your personal injury team


Chiropractors specialize just like medical doctors. Family practice, sports injury, or general wellness are focus areas a chiropractor may have. Each of these specialties require specific training and methods of approach for success. A trauma-trained chiropractor has completed extensive post-graduate coursework in the treatment of traumatic injury, including the types of injuries sustained in auto accidents.

You wouldn’t go to a dentist to treat a problem with your eye, and for the same reason it is important that you have a trauma-trained chiropractor managing your treatment if you have a personal injury case! You need a specialist on your team. This is definitely not the time to use the chiropractor that you found through Groupon.

Here are four reasons why:

1. Trauma-trained chiropractors receive hundreds of hours of instruction in their specialty

Classes include accident reconstruction, demonstrative documentation (the type of documentation that you need to win any legal case related to your injury) and expert witness training. In addition, trauma-trained chiropractors complete extensive post-graduate coursework in MRI interpretation, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Disc and Ligament Pathology, and much more.

2. Trauma-trained chiropractors are versed in biomechanical engineering analysis

That’s a mouthful, right? So how does it help you when you are injured? Sometimes injuries do not show up on medical imaging and because of that cannot be diagnosed as easily. You know you are in pain, but are being told there is nothing wrong. Biomechanical engineering analysis is a method for proving injury and impairment that cannot be demonstrated through traditional X-ray, MRI, or CT. The vast majority of medical doctors and other practitioners do not have training in biomechanical engineering and must rely only on imaging for diagnosis of injury. Using biomechanical engineering analysis, a trauma-trained chiropractor can diagnose injury based on functional loss.

3. A trauma-trained chiropractor is the best option to manage your personal injury case

Your injury deserves the best possible medical care and just compensation. Because of their specialty coursework in trauma medicine and classes in legal documentation and proceedings, a trauma-trained chiropractor is in the best position to act as quarterback on your team. They have the educational background to be able to coordinate your treatment with other medical providers and communicate most effectively with the attorneys representing you. All of this can translate into quicker healing, less injury-related pain, and better outcomes with your court case.

4. We’re actually pretty cool, so you should check us out

That’s a good enough reason in and of itself, right?

Dr. Herrin at Treasure Valley Chiropractic Spine Management is one of only two trauma-trained chiropractors in the Boise area. He is licensed to treat patients in both Idaho and Oregon. To see his full CV with all qualifications and coursework listed, click here

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