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"You can call me QB" (Quarterback)

A trauma-trained chiropractor is well-positioned and trained to be the Quarterback, the Case Manager, and Condition Manager of spine injuries and conditions. Rather than taking a prescription daily for treatment, chiropractors treating an injured spine pain patient require regularly scheduled visits for care to aid in the healing process. With more frequent personal contact, we are able to keep tabs on how someone is doing day-to-day and more effectively manage what is going on. Moving from the Acute Pain Management Phase into a Corrective Care Phase, and finally into a Health Maintenance Phase, the spine works as one organ system and needs to be managed. This is especially true of auto collision injuries due to damaged tissue integrity and is just like a cardiologist who is specialized in treating or managing heart disease over time, or diabetes management, high blood pressure, or anxiety. Each of these conditions requires some form of management, collaborative with an expert, and through a committed effort with patients to do their part at home each day.

Trauma-trained Chiropractors are versed in working with and communicating with Medical Doctors, Radiologists, Nurse Practitioners, Physical Therapists, Legal Professionals and many more to help direct patients where they need to go for what is best to aid in recovery.

Let's get your life back on track! Schedule with Dr. Herrin here and fill out our online intake!

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