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Auto Accident Reconstruction. Was it an accident...really?

You may hear the words "collision" or "crash" instead of "accident" used by experts involved in reconstructing the scene of a crash or doctors who frequently deal with auto injuries. Why does this matter? Well, it's not like someone accidentally bumped a glass of milk and spilled it all over the table and floor. "Accident" holds a perception of "no-fault", "not-a-big-deal", or "it will magically be alright" with a little time. Anyone who has been injured in an auto collision may beg to differ. Many collisions are caused by distracted driving, falling asleep at the wheel, driving under the influence, or road rage - none of which are "accidents". A "collision", on the other hand, more aptly describes an event in which two or more objects/forces strike one another with translation of energy into multiple vectors. It involves complex applied physics equations, rate of change of acceleration, mass and material composition of objects, road condition factors, and much more.

A trauma-trained Chiropractor understands the mechanism of injury in motor vehicle collisions, how the body tissues attempt to react (or fail to react) to sudden changes in force (even low speed impact injuries supported in scientific literature), position of headrest, whether airbags deployed, and side vs. front vs. rear impact. They are aware of the impact of these factors and more when taking care of patients. This builds into how your are cared for and paints a picture for those involved needing to verify necessity of care and just compensation for life-altering injuries.

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