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Credentials, Demonstrative Documentation and Case Value Justification

What is this and why does this matter? A trauma-trained chiropractor is also an expert in Medical Legal Documentation, or taking chart notes which account for all patient interactions, findings, treatments, diagnoses, etc. There are several reasons this is important. Collaboration with other medical providers to stay on the same page? Yes. Tracking progress and altering treatment plans as patients heal and recover, ordering tests and making referrals? Yes. Documenting specific details pertaining to cause of injuries, demonstratively showing those injuries, connecting them to persistent functional loss, if any, and painting the picture for legal representation? Yes.

Trauma-trained chiropractors know that proper documentation allows a patient's care plan to be understood by all involved, approved, and continued for the needed duration. Diagnostic imaging and referrals to other providers can be authorized, if needed. Finally, value of a case can be justified for proper settlement to cover medical expenses, mileage to appointment, job wage loss, future care if applicable, and so on.

A trauma-trained chiropractor must also have the credentials formally obtained through highly respected medical and chiropractic institutions offering post-graduate training. The latest research, medical literature, and best-practices will be included in this training. This enables admissibility in court for the chiropractor to opine on MRI findings, connective tissue injuries demonstrable by digitized x-rays, Accident Reconstruction and other vital areas related to the injuries. This ensures that your case is fully explained and, again, proper compensation is possible.

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