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Auto or work injury? Let's get life back!

It's About YOU, utilizing US: The Process, The Team

A trauma-trained chiropractor understands the Process, the Big Picture, and how you and everyone else win as a result of this. They get the importance of listening carefully to you and what happened, why you are in pain and injured, A trauma-trained chiropractor understands the stress you may be under, from how your life is turned upside-down with missed work or lost wages, family needs, going to appointments, sleep disruption, diminished recreational enjoyment, and daily movement troubles. By listening during a consultation, performing a thorough examination, formulating an accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and then a comprehensive treatment plan, you can be confident that all of the bases are covered in your care and recovery. We can work together, a team approach with you, the doctor and any practitioners or legal professionals necessary to navigate the often stressful world of injury care and recovery. This type of approach is called "Salutary Care", versus a dictatorship, and comes from a respectful, cooperative perspective.

As questions and discussions are encouraged, we form critical thinking conclusions and action steps, and modify the approach or course-correct as needed, together. This could include whether certain treatment methods are used or not, the type of treatment used, amount of force used (gentle or increased pressure), home care and daily activity modification, and referrals to other practitioners.

Let's get your life back on track! Schedule with Dr. Herrin here and fill out our online intake!

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